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Trick Or Treat In An Age Of Tweets

November 3, 2013

Taking a beat here to respond to a headline that caught my eye. It near filled my already overstuffed pillowcase with an excess of sweet delights.

Seems former Republican senator and presidential candidate Rick Santorum called the film industry “the devil’s playground” recently while promoting his new company’s film The Christmas Candle. In the tried-and-true tradition of  “I’m not really an ex-senator, I’m a producer,” Santorum has recently surfaced as the CEO of EchoLight Studios, which specifically aims to make  family-oriented faith films.

(Cue the gong)

Back in the neighborhood I come from we’d call sanctimonious Rick on his finger pointing ways; hey Rick, every time you point your finger at something or someone remember, there are four fingers pointing back the other way.

Which calls to mind the one time I worked in Washington, DC.

I was on a picture which shot predominantly in LA, but required a final week of production in DC. We scouted both locations in preproduction and then returned after principal photography in LA to shoot our Washington locations. As often happens on location, the senior Hollywood crew and cast were entertained lavishly by our local contacts at restaurants, clubs, and private parties. Washington celebrity sightings were numerous.

Everyone from LA started commenting on how Washington was really not much different than Hollywood, what with its ego tripping, power hungry, pretentious, arrogant ways, as well as both places penchant for drama. That is until one wag in our group sharply observed that we needed to note one particular difference; in Washington they really do have their finger on the “doomsday” button.


Humor me now. Try watching Robert Altman’s The Player slotting in Washington leading lights in place of the actors.

And take a look at this clip on Youtube from Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove in which President Murkin Muffey (Peter Sellers) chides General Buck Turgidson (George C. Scott) and Russian Ambassador Alexi de Sadesky (Peter Bull) for fighting in the War Room.


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  1. Lev permalink

    My friend who worked for years inside the belt way said Washington is just like Hollywood only the people are not as pretty.


  2. Thanks Levie. I actually think it might have been Nora Ephron who said that or maybe William Goldman or Joe Eszterhas…


  3. Barbara permalink

    I just love your comments. I find myself looking forward to the next ones.


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