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Hope Floats

December 8, 2013

Perhaps I’m not spacey enough to appreciate Gravity. After all, I like Alfonso Cuaron, I like George Clooney, I even like Sandra Bullock in a supermarket, magazine rack at the check out kind of way.

Consider Pirates Of The Carribean. At least it was anchored to a popular theme park ride. No such luck for Gravity. But like Pirates, it seems more a contrivance than a movie.

So, how to critique such a technically dazzling “movie experience”? Well, can you imagine Cary Grant peering out from behind the fogged up visor of a spacesuit for an entire movie? Here’s George Clooney playing working class astronaut M-a-t-t Kowalski. Is this Stanley K’s grandkid for cripes’ sake? Stanley K?


Now, where was I?

Oh yes, I’ll grant you it’s much easier imagining Sandra Bullock’s* Dr. Ryan Stone reciting monologues ripped fresh from the pages of O magazine. I guess what I’m really wanting to say is Gravity lacks gravitas.

*My contract stipulates that my hair can’t float in deep space like the rest of my body. Perhaps it’s her conditioner?

The Gravity PR machine is in warp overdrive when it refers to the “deafening silence of space.” Would that this were so. I think Cuaron’s picture could have achieved more cinematic stature, beyond the technical, if he had just chucked his screenplay and told his story visually. You don’t always need to explain the inexplicable, explain what’s taking place before our very eyes. Trust your audience.


Ultimately, Dr. Stone scrambles her way through the universe back to earth. Her capsule survives a flaming re-entry and floats gently down to earth beneath a striped canopy, splashing fortuitously into a lake. She crawls ashore on her belly, rises on unsteady legs, takes a few hesitant first steps, her footprints quickly disappearing in the clay colored sand underfoot. No knuckle dragging here.

Dr. Stone, safely back on terra firma, makes her exit; ahead, a parched desert landscape where erosion has exposed striking bands of color on the surrounding buttes and mesas.



Now fans, is this the perfect set-up for Planet of the Apes Redux or what?


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  1. isabelisa permalink

    Total schmaltz, formula film .I wasn’t bored, but disappointed that George Clooney and Sandra Bullopck apparently went for the money, couldnt have been the great screenplay or plot.


  2. Lev permalink

    Amen to this one. Very predictable movie even G. Clooney’s ghostly return.


  3. Dr. Image permalink

    I never even got to the theater…the trailer was all that I could take.


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