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Got Rhythm

June 15, 2014

Taking my lead from legendary theater director Peter Brook who notes that the connective tissue between all the arts is rhythm, all you really need do is place your hand over your heart to tap into the rhythmic pulse of our universe.

This rhythm thing is ubiquitous in the arts, whether it be in the resonance of a musical note, the rhyme scheme of a spoken line, or the wave action of colors on canvas.

Orson Welles, not alone among filmmakers, understood that “the true shape of a film is musical.”

The magic of the movies, throughout the 20th century at least, has been in its inherent “heartbeat,” measured consistently at 24 frames per second (fps). There in the dark, movies seek out the audience, light from the projector pulsing at a constant 24 fps, layering single images onto the eyes of each audience member. It’s a persistence of vision thing.

Beyond story, beyond script, beyond actors, beyond what we in the audience think we’re perceiving, lies a power that is most potent because of its invisibility – the movies are a magical thing in synch with the ineluctable rhythms of the universe.


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  1. Lev permalink

    The beats of life


  2. That’s life/That’s what all the people say/
    You’re riding high in April, shot down in May…

    Thanks, Lev


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