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Au Contraire

August 17, 2014

Often, when speaking to friends, they’ll ask if I’ve seen this movie or that. I have one friend of longstanding who can’t grasp why I don’t go to the movies anymore.


I don’t go to the movies anymore for a number of reasons, past and present. No, I’ve not given up on my love of the movies, it’s just that I no longer need to be au courant with what’s hot at the local cinema. I know what’s out there and I keep up with what’s coming down the pike. The current PR machine is nothing if not dependable and predictable.

Nor do I feel compelled to consume movies like I used to. I’m much more content, with the help of current technology, to watch what I’m interested in watching when I want to watch it. My passion for the craft has actually deepened.

What I do see at present is a cinema whose language has changed.

It seems to me that audiences are going to the movies more and more for the actors. You might call it the cult of personality, which seems ubiquitous in our society.

Wasn’t it Hollywood after all where the star system was perfected? Do we not live in a “selfie” culture?

Directors and producers have had their day. Writers have had their day. Even cinematographers have had their’s.

Technology now plays the dominant role. The vertiginous rate of technological innovation is driving the machine. Writers, directors, producers, all stand in technology’s shadow.

Next film you watch, ask, whose voice is this story being told in?


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  1. Dr. Image permalink

    Well said. Pop culture gone amuck, infecting the film culture we love.


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