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“Souvenir” in the Parlez Vous

September 7, 2014

Rummaging through the DVD stacks at my local library I recently pulled Jean Luc Godard’s neo-noirish, Bande à part and surrealist Luis Buñuel’s Belle de Jour and Tristana, all recently restored. Hadn’t actually watched these pictures in decades. My curiosity was piqued. Would they be as I remembered them?

Over the next few days I watched each film.

They were all dated, but extremely watchable. What I liked most about them though was that they reflected a film culture I grew up in and continue to revere and love. I liked spending time with these cinematic sensibilities, each work containing moments of what we used to call pure cinema.

I also felt evident in each movie’s DNA, a familial nod to other filmmakers past, present, and future: generations standing on the shoulders of those who went before.


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  1. Ed Potter permalink

    Belle du Jour: that was quite a movie!

    Edward R. Potter

    914 813-1937

    Fax 813-1919


    • How long has it been since you saw Belle de Jour? How do you remember it ? (Souvenir in French, “to remember.”)


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