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Elements of Style

January 3, 2015

Been watching a number of films in contention for end of year honors. And what’s so interesting is how different each is in style.

My personal preference, over many years, has been for the use of the passive camera. I also prefer less rather than more dialogue, though I don’t mind voice-over narration.

What camera sees and does is key to the storytelling.

Quality of light certainly plays a big role when we talk about the look of a film. But that quality of light is equally important for art direction, wardrobe, even make-up and hair.

Of course there’s always the directorial hand or lack thereof to consider.

Looking beyond the script, the acting, the directing, cinematography, and editing, pay close attention to how the story is told through the art direction, the wardrobe, makeup and hair, soundtrack, and music.

Ideally, all the crafts will come together in service to the script and the director’s vision.

Ultimately, it is the vision thing and how that vision is communicated using the available tools of the medium.

It’s the language of the cinema.

Tracking shot from Jean Luc Godard’s Weekend…


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  1. Bill Cronin permalink

    What an amazing story. So that’s a tracking shot. Wow.


  2. Edward permalink

    Go get The Interview: it ‘a a hoot!!

    Edward Potter 914 813 1937 Fax 913 1919



  3. Very good post Ray. And happy new year!


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