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The Birds Is Coming

March 4, 2015

Truth be told, Birdman  came and flew away, but not before collecting Best Picture at the Oscars.

There’s been a lot of back and forth about how good a picture Birdman actually is. Some contend it has more style than substance.

People I’ve spoken to go along with the overriding conceit at work here, but are totally thrown by Birdman‘s ending. They can’t seem to take that leap.

I was curious to know, how you all felt about Birdman‘s ending. As we ask in the biz, was it earned?


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  1. barbara rich permalink

    I really didn’t like the ending — too much of a departure. It was distracting — too metaphorical. I don’t know what I would have put in its place — but I wanted to feel different at the end.

    Having said that, It was self-indulgent, and I loved every minute of it — even, in a way, the ending.


    • Even though Michael Keaton’s introduction has him levitating, cross-legged several feet off his dressing room floor? Kind of points to the territory ahead, wouldn’t you say. Thanks…


  2. barbara rich permalink

    …and…I thought Michael Keaton was perfection. He really can nail the dark stuff. Clean and Sober?


  3. Beth permalink

    Just now reading your post. Thanks for writing, Ray!I loved too many things about the movie to object to much of anything. A. I.’s vision is his. I’m along for the great ride. I saw a bit of manipulation here and there, but isn’t that creative control? Might that have been counterpoint to levitation/magic? The ending possibly can be seen as a bit of a departure from the rest, but then what about that levitation in the beginning? It can’t be dismissed.

    I looked at the conclusion as a comment on all the previous tension/tightness. Release. Then again, magical realism tugs at my heart .The conclusion might be up for grabs. I can understand the viewers who were puzzled, yet it seemed just right to me. I don’t have a logical reason; if he can shoot himself on stage, then he he can float free as well. And there’s the finally happy connection between father and daughter, in her smile as she looks up. I have to bow to that which is not logical, but is understood nevertheless. I’m probably not discerning enough to get beyond charisma and style. I swoon over Keaton and Inarritu and the whole juicy show.


  4. Ah now I have watch the movie again! There was a lot of nice complexity and quirkiness.

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