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Everybody’s Got A Story

July 3, 2015

We live inside an enormous novel. The fiction is already there. The writer’s task is to invent the reality. – J. G. Ballard

We live in an age when stories are coming at us from many different angles.

Some of us satisfy our story jones with long form TV series; others with blockbuster event movies; and one has to assume, with the preponderance of book clubs, books, so old school. We also come accessorized with a plenitude of digital devices (re:delivery systems).

Long form television series seem to have more than enough story, perhaps a way to keep viewers tuning in week after week. But with binging so in vogue, have we not substituted excess for context?

Blockbusters seem to be telling the same old story; each iteration distilled down, simpler and less nuanced.

Not that we haven’t been doing this since we started telling stories to each other way back when.

All this, while the news delivers its daily dose of truth; a truth that too often turns out to be stranger than fiction.

So, between news, television, movies, magazines, and books as well as the web and your next door neighbor, how many stories can a body handle?

Yet audiences, inquiries have found, are still clamoring for more stories, more originality.


* * *

Anybody notice, movies that once claimed they were based on a true story are currently proclaiming that they’re inspired by true events…?


The Adventures of Baron Munchhausen

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