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Opera buffa

January 1, 2017

An egotistical son of the rich builds fantastically expensive edifices. He’s always led a life of privelage. An air of entitlement hangs over his every gesture. He’s fond of making grand entrances wherever he sets foot. Perhaps he’s even a touch mad.

A family of “entrepreneurs,” with support from individuals drawn from the country’s financial and political “elite,” plays every angle in the book. Sons, daughters, under the influence of their parents, court the darker elements in society. Watching their story unfold becomes more and more difficult for we the audience to endure.


No, not him.

Noteworthy especially as we begin 2017, if only for the imagery, Italian director Luchino Visconti’s Ludwig, Mad King of Bavaria (1973) and The Damned (1969). A suffocating gloom hangs over both films, Impenetrable later works which came after this Italian director’s more esteemed films (The Leopard for one). Film as “grand” opera.



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  1. Reblogged this on f/stop Fitzgerald and commented:

    Remember to click on the title and go to the f/stop site. When you scroll down past the text, there’s “media” attached…


  2. Ed Potter permalink

    What is “privelage?” Is it something to do with being over 70 🙂 ?


  3. Beth Giguere permalink

    Netflix has La La Land, Girl on the Train and Moonlight. I put them in my queue. They’re not yet available, but will be. Thanks for the recommendations, Ray!


  4. Barb Keyworth permalink

    I wish i could recall the name of the excellent documentary film from about 5 years ago, 2 gay men persecuted in Nazi Germany.
    Watched the Damned trailer over breakfast instead of reading headline stories on the Washington Post. Apt


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