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March 4, 2017

So it came down to La La Land and Moonlight. Mistakenly announced as 2017’s best picture, La La Land graciously stepped aside when Moonlight was revealed to be the actual winner.

Yet each picture in its way deserved best picture.

La La Land reintroduced audiences to the world of the Hollywood musical. Romantic, revisionist, reductive, resplendent, reinvigorated – the Hollywood musical reimagined in the romantic mold of four seasons, its simple story unfolding in a city where there are no seasons. In La La Land’s case the romance, between a man and a woman, between a town and its main industry was skewed winter, spring, summer, and the fall. Once upon a time, under a “sun-drenched” winter sky, stuck in traffic on a freeway on/off -ramp…

Moonlight unfolded in the dusky, twilit world of its protagonist, episodes glimpsed of a black gay youth’s formative years. The poetic surprises,  contained in the jagged shards of light cast down from a Florida sky, illumined the wishes, hopes, hurts, and dreams of characters too often not depicted in the mainstream. This picture  revealed surprises with each turn in the narrative. Simply told, simply shot, simply acted, simply resonant, simply heads above the rest.



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  1. Barbara Rich permalink

    I agree with the outcome.


  2. If “La La Land” deserved Best Picture, “in its way,” then it was the worst year on record for Hollywood cinema. Terrible singing. Lousy dancing. And what plot?


  3. aleeds4613 permalink

    La La Land was a magical, entertaining experience. Moonlight got into my psyche and stayed there.


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