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Get On The Bus

April 23, 2017

Adam Driver plays a character named Paterson who drives a bus for the city of Paterson, New Jersey, in Jim Jarmusch’s film Paterson. Paterson seems perfectly content living a life routinized by work, coming home to his loving, stable marriage. He also leads a more introspective second life as a poet.

Paterson’s stay-at-home wife, Laura (Golshifteh Farahani), fills her days with multiple creative pursuits: interior design, clothing design, baking, and music.

The anecdotal nature of Paterson gives the film a poetic shape of its own as it subtly explores the various ways creativity manifests itself in individuals.

Each day Paterson and Laura awake from their dream world. They go to work; Paterson to drive his bus, all the while listening to the world around him, ciphering this world through his poetic lens.

Laura is a whirlwind of creative energy operating full tilt in the creative laboratory she’s turned her home into. Her hours fly by.

Paterson and Laura’s inner and outer lives co-exist in a richly fulfilling minor key, just across the river from the Big Apple, a magnet city of dreams.

Garden state dreamers tending their distinctive garden of creative delights.


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  1. Levie permalink

    Is that all?


  2. Kathy f permalink

    As an aspiring poet I loved this movie! Slow moving and engaging.i wish more people would have seen it!


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