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May 27, 2017

Is the medium still the message?

Do you yearn for those days when you could lose yourself completely in a movie?

These days the world is too much with us. Who has the time?

It’s difficult to keep up with what’s happening on the Croisette with all the dramatic narrative that’s streaming out of  Washington. Even as audiences attend screenings at the world’s most famous ode to cinema, most eyes are casting a look over the shoulder; from Ryad to Jerusalem, Rome to Brussels, Manchester to Palermo.

The collective hallucination of the 20th century, red carpets and all, is taking a back seat to the hyper-reality “show,” unfolding early 21st century style.

Where once the movies gave us Brigadier General Jack D. Ripper, we currently have Lieutenant General Michael Flynn.

In the 50s, Roy Cohn went hunting for “commies,”; now, his Insane Clown protege hunts one single Comey.

People cringed when Ellen Burstyn watched her movie daughter Regan’s head spin. Now first daughter Ivanka is the mistress of spin.

We all guffawed at the antics of Moe, Larry, and Curly, but now just 20-feet from stardom, Pence, Spicer, and Conway perform their own theater of the absurd vomiting alt. facts. at an incredulous press corps.

We all know “based on alt. true events” is in our future, so, who beside an already cast Insane Clown President as well as a Spicer w/ his motorized podium, Bannon, Ivanka, and Conway, do you think should be cast as Jared?

We live in an age of sex, lies, soundbites, and photo-ops; welcome to the brave new/old world of entertainment.


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